Money fuels the climate crisis

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You have the power to impact Europe’s transition to clean energy. The health of our planet depends on it.

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European banks have poured EUR1.3 trillion into fossil fuels since the Paris Agreement was adopted

How your money finances the climate disaster.


You deposit your funds with your European bank.


Your bank uses YOUR MONEY to invest in a new coal plant


The project is built. Congrats, you just funded a new coal plant!

There is a better way.

Put your money in a bank which finances sustainable futures for all europeans.

Choosing To Bank For Good Means Choosing To Have Your Voice Heard

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What Makes a Good Bank?

“Good Banks” are more than just banks which do not invest in climate destructive projects, “Good Banks” are those which invest in local communities and sustainable energy projects across Europe.

(Featured Image) Local Green organic vertical farm funded by Bancaetica

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Who is bank for good?

Bank for Good was born out of a coalition of organizations coming together to elevate a financial system that makes it easy for people to align their values with their financial decisions.

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